Saturday, 10 January 2009

Water Management, day 3

We visited the beach near Burkhard's house all the way up to Yuli's family ricefields, to observe the beach erosion due to human activities.

Apart from the obvious human interventions, like the building of walls to protect parts of the beach in front of individual properties, one possible reason for the beach erosion is the destruction of the existing coral reef and one possible long-term solution for the prevention of the erosion would be to create artificial habitats for corals and, subsequently, fish. This idea was warmly welcomed by the students and Satya coined a term for the concrete pyramids that Norman suggested to throw in the water: Toblerones! Guess who will be asked to sponsor this project.

Back to Warung Bambu, our most preferred classroom, partly thanks to Beate's and Nyoman's warm hospitality. Norman presented us with some design ideas for Kalisada: a proposal of road design, a herb spiral for the Silvia's restaurant garden, a complex-edge pond and a palm polyculture.
A mini library started to form from Norman's books photocopied for the students. I was left hungry looking at all these wonderful books, which I cannot carry in my backpack, for the time being ;)

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