Monday, 5 January 2009

Basic Principles, General Land Management and Organic Farming - Day 2

We headed to Bebetin and Villa Manuk, Beate's and Nyoman's property, a two-apartment villa with a beautiful garden and magnificent view to the mountains and the ricefields. Although there is a big lawn area on the garden, Norman continued talking to Beate and still considers her as his friend. Beate's idea to have a swimming pool in the garden wouldn't have helped very much but, since there is an apparently clear stream of water passing through the property, there is a possibility to make a natural pool without chloride, so we avoided the diplomatic incident.

The task that day was to do a design for the garden based on the permaculture principles of garden design.
  1. Analysis: listing the characteristics of the components that comprise the site (e.g. listing of the plants we can grow on the land)
  2. Observation of the site (orientation, soil, wind, during heavy rain,...)
  3. Deduction from Nature (find out how the place would be in its natural state)
  4. Selection of Options based on Decisions
  5. Data Overlay
  6. Random Assembly (like the 'cosmic' stuff, as Norman calls it)
  7. Flow (of movement) diagrams (e.g. flow of movement in the kitchen while people are cooking)
  8. Zone and Sector Analysis
  9. Incremental Design

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