Thursday, 15 January 2009

Norm saying thank you to Elena, our Greek Goddess :)

Elena, you rule!!!
A really great job, I'm truly impressed, thank you.
How do we keep you in the 'team'? Even though you'll be travelling again sometime, I wonder if we can keep you in the loop via the wonderful world of the 'web?
It's skills like yours that help keep things moving and God knows, if we're going to save Bali (and the World as we know it) we need to do just that...
To everyone else, Elena has set us all a great example of 'just doing it'. She did something!
Let's all try to do something, it doesn't matter if it's something small... (although as I've said to you before... 'when it comes to protecting the environment, small is beautiful but bigger is better') long as we're doing something good in the real world, our time and our work is meaningful. Everyone has a sphere of influence, as a minimum, let's do good things within that sphere.
I'm very much looking forward to our next trainings.
See you on the 16th at Evelyn's mountain hideaway :)

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