Saturday, 17 January 2009

From the clients point of view

Hi guys
I just would like to share a few thoughts and feelings I experienced yesterday when I was in the position of a client and you visited our place. Some worries popped up in my mind like "will they like my place? what will they think about it? Have I done it right?". You know, silly thoughts, but very often we can not control them and owners can get quite attached to their projects. So I was a bit nervous about the visit. But then, when you arrived and I felt your enthusiasm, joy and respect my nervousness was quickly gone and I could open up to all your advice and comments. So, a big compliment to all of you for being such sensitive and respectful permacultural designers and thank you for giving me the opportunity to be in the position of a client.
We will start removing the suckers from the banana trees and leave only a mother plant which produces fruits and one child plant so that the energy of the mother can go to the fruits and not to the suckers.
We will focus more on stabilizing the terraces so that the rocks do not grow any further although they looked nice to me. I start now looking differently at things!
And we will definitely consider to put a pergola in front of the west wall to protect it from excessive heat from the sun.
Yes, and we will follow another principle that Norm shared with us:
In every situation there are things we can do to make things more sustainable. There is always something we can do.

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