Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Visit at Organik Manik in Sanur

Inspired by Elena's vivid description of the fancy bamboo water dripping system at the Manik Organik Health Food Store & Natural Health Centre in Sanur I went there on March 12 to see it with my own eyes and make some pictures for you. Here they are.

I enjoyed a lunch of broccoli almond soup with brown bread and butter while studying the bamboo pipes and the singapore tree on the verandah. And I couldn't resist to buy some organic chick peas and pinto beans to plant around my baby trees and the freshly mulched new terrace beds. I found also the Colloidal Silver there that our guru Norm always carries with him in his first aid kit. The bottle with 375ml costs 89'000 Rp., the pocket spray 32'500 Rp. They offer also essential oils, herbal teas, natural cosmetics and imported organic cereals. What a difference to the stressful shopping experiences I had before at Carrefour and Makro.

Manik Organik, Jl. Danau Tamblingan 85, Sanur
Phone: +62 361 8553380

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  1. Important to mention that this place also offers excellent yoga classes. Look for Lan, she is a bright young woman from Korea and her yoga class is fantastic!