Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Minutes of the Permaculture-Club-meeting 15.02.2009

15.02.2009 15:00 – 17:00 at Warung Bambu, Pemaron

Person present:
Beate, Brigitta, Burgel, Burkhard, Doris, Evelyn, Jochen, Nicole, Peter, Silvia, Yuli

Next meeting:
15.03.2009 15:00 at Warung Bambu, Pemaron

Ideas, expectations, requests

We started the meeting asking the members to explain what they expect from the Permaculture-Club:

· Find and exchange ideas how to take permaculture ideals into consideration when planning housing / gardens:
Several of the members are planning or realizing housing- / garden projects. They would like to follow permaculture ideals when possible. It would be helpful to exchange experiences with materials and tradesmen and to realize a list of good sources (shops).

· Cooperation with local people:
Realize a permaculture-project like wastewater treatment (public toilette, Kindergarden / school).
Encourage locals to start business with permaculture products / services. As an example, some Balinese in Kalisada founded a company to build wastewater-treatment-gardens (Contact Sylvia).
Teach permaculture ideas to locals which can help to spread them to other Balinese people. For example help farmers to change to a more sustainable production.
Work with children / teenager. For Example Beate’s project in Manuksesa.

· Pestscontrol:
Get informations about non toxic pestscontrol. Encourage locals to change to a healthier pestscontrol.

· Organic food:
Find sources for healthy food. Encourage locals to change to the production of organic food.

· Find Environmentfriently accomondations for friends / guests

· Refuse disposal:
Install / Improve the town refuse collection service.

At the meeting we talked about cleaning. This informations should be transferred to the PCCH (PermaCultureClubHandbook)

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