Sunday, 15 March 2009

Minutes of the Clubmeeting

15.03.2009 15:00 – 17:00 at Warung Bambu, Pemaron

Person present:
Elena, Silvia, Beate, Gede, Tanja, Burkhard, Burgel, Brigitta, Evelyn

Yuli joins us afterwards; Doris and Peter left already for Germany; Nicole and Jochen couldn't arrange transport because of a ceremony in their village

Next meeting:
15.04.2009 15:00 at Warung Bambu, Pemaron

Greetings and message from Norm: Just keep on doing something!

Everybody was excited to share good news:
  • Silvia found a supplier for special fruit trees just opposite Kubu Lalang on the main road from Lovina to Singaraja.
  • Silvia has already Vetiver Grass to sell for 1500 Rp per plant. The Vetiver Grass, she planted to stabilize the riverbank at KEV, survived already the first flooding during the last big rain and prevented any erosion.
  • Gede told about a javan lady who sells fruit trees in Suwug. To get there drive east from Singaraja to Sangsit, there turn right into the road to Suwug and Sudaji.
  • Beate informed that the springwater pool at Villa Manuk is finished and that they will start to build another guest bungalow.
  • She already set up a travel agency for eco-conscious travellers. The idea is to find an eco certification agency for all businesses who are interested and then promote these businesses through the travel agency. The new homepage designed by Elena and Beate is on its way. Have a look!
  • Beate's Children Sponsoring Project started very well. Every month she meets with the children and wakes their interest for plants and nature. In the first meeting she asked them to bring a plant from their garden. In the second meeting they talked about these plants and their characteristics. For the next meeting they will plant seeds that they later will sell. Instead of Polybags made from Plastic they will use locally made containers from natural fibers.
  • Tanja and Gede inform that the people of their village finally become interested in their organic farming methods as they can see that the organically grown rice plants are stronger and have deeper roots than the conventionally grown ones.
  • The group agrees that it would be great to have an organic market in Lovina similar to that of Ubud. So let's keep our eyes open for a suitable location.
  • Silvia informs that the Rotary Club would like to start with a 3 year program in Lovina (Kaliasem) to clean up the village. Important part of this project will be the education program in the schools. On "Earth Day", April 22, they will "kick off" the project with a "beach clean up/educational fun program" for school children from Lovina schools.
  • Burgel initiates an easy-to-use compost container for small compounds. Gede offers to build a prototype compost box made from bamboo mat that Burgel can test before it will be promoted.
  • That we don't get too excited Burkhard tells us about his observation of "mountains" of plastic bags piling up on the beach.
  • Elena will continue her travels in the coming week and says good-bye. It was great to start the permaculture way together with you, Elena! Thank you and good luck!

Selamat Hari Raya Galungan dan Kuningan!

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