Saturday, 6 November 2010

Volcanoes: Are you ready?

Just imagine you live in a village near Gunung Merapi.
If your village is within 20km from the peak you will have to evacuate. How do you leave? What do you take with you? Where do you go? Which route do you take?
If your village is outside 20km of the peak or the way to evacuate is blocked you will have to seek shelter from raining ashes and stones and hot gases and rivers becoming mudflows and other hazards. Where do you shelter? What do you need in your shelter for the next days, weeks? What do you need to protect yourself when leaving the shelter? Imagine there is still a lot of ash and debris and toxic gases. How do you keep informed and in contact with the outside world?
The following links might give you some answers:
- Current reports of the activity of Gunung Merapi from PVMBG (Pusat Volkanologi dan Mitigasi Bencana Geologi)
- Eruptionblog of Eric Klemetti, a passionate volcanologist
- Desaster preparation from FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency, USA)

Stay alert and prepare!

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